Abundance Fire Bowl Lamps

Abundance Fire Bowl Lamps

Abundance Fire Bowl Lamps are a great way to enjoy the warm, relaxing glow, and aesthetic beauty of a salt lamp in your home, with the beauty and conversational nature these distinctively carved salt bowl lamps offer.

Each of these unique, functional works of art are distinctly hand carved from 100% pure Himalayan Salt, so the salt crystals retain their stunning natural beauty. This hand crafted state of the lamps makes each lamp one of a kind, contributing to their success as a stunning decor feature, and the perfect, thoughtful gift for holidays and special occasions, accounting for their recent popularity as an earthy home decor lighting feature.

We offer the popular fire bowl lamps with the beautiful, functional traditional bowl shape, each brimming with your choice of natural Himalayan Salt crystals, or Himalayan Salt Massage Stones.

*The massage stones in these last can be heated in the bowl and used to treat sore, tired muscles!

You will also find our money saving Value Packages to be a convenient way to give these innovative lamps as gifts, or update the lighting decor in multiple rooms of your home. 

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Himalayan Salt Abundance Fire Bowl Lamps

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Abundance Fire Bowl Lamps

Despite their apparent beauty and obvious appeal, Abundance Fire Bowl Lamps must be seen in person to be truly appreciated. The bowl shaped design of Abundance Fire Bowl Lamps lends extra depth to the already sensational glow that all salt lamp models possess.

Salt Abundance Fire Bowl Lamps also create an earthy ambiance with their natural, air cleansing ability, which is provided by their ionic affects. Salt Abundance Fire Bowl Lamps are wonderful way to freshen any room of the home, as well as public spaces like bank and hotel lobbies, restaurants, and other large spaces!

Along with this enhanced display, the bowl shape design of Abundance Fire Bowl Lamps enable their use in displaying, and heating massage stones for additional functionality. This makes Abundance Fire Bowl Lamps a perfect lighting option for massage therapy clinics, spas, and other similar facilities where a soothing ambiance is preferred. These lamps are also excellent gifts for special occasions, after all, who doesn’t like a nice, stress relieving massage? Better yet, salt crystal energy balls (massage stones) my be added to, or exchanged with the salt crystals included in the standard Abundance Fire Bowl Lamp models. Mixing salt energy balls with salt crystal chunks blends the rough, random appearance of the natural salt crystals with the smooth, geometrical shape of a sphere to create a beautifully contrasted display.


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Abundance Fire Bowl Lamps