Himalayan Sea Salt Labor Day Feast Tips

Himalayan Sea Salt Labor Day Feast Tips

Himalayan Salt adds an extra special touch of flavor that’s perfect for seasoning your favorite Labor Day feast dishes! Use it for appetizers, drinks, salads, seasoning your meats…Himalayan Salt makes it all taste like gourmet food.

Read on to find out how you can use Himalayan Salt to spice up your Labor day foods…

If you are serving up Sushi for Labor Day this year, don’t forget to use your Himalayan Salt Sushi Presentation Blocks! Your Sushi will gain great flavor from the salt, especially fish Sushi’s such as Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Sushi!

Serve your salads on Round Himalayan Salt Blocks for a touch of gourmet salt flavoring. Salads such as Seaweed Salad can also be seasoned with Pink Salt for an added extra gourmet touch of flavor, so if your salad requires sea salt, use your Himalayan Sea Salt instead of regular sea salt-the tasteis truly unique!

If you haven’t decided on a salad to serve just yet, check out our summer salad recipes to see if you find one you like-we especially like the Himalayan Salted Fruit Salad!

Grilled Meats
Don’t forget to use your Himalayan Salt Grill or Grills! These are great for grilling skewers and thin sliced meats right at the table for a gourmet experience your guests will love! The salt adds a truly unique, gourmet salt flavor to your meats-if you are looking for a recipe you may want to browse our posts or recipes page, there are lots of awesome grilled appetizers and meat recipes to choose from! Don’t forget the dessert skewers-the Pineapple Skewers are delightful, especially over ice cream!

Check out our Seafood recipes-We think that seafood most especially gains great flavor from Himalayan Sea Salt and have posted quite a few recipes for this type of meat! Our favorites are the Grillied Garlic Shrimp & Scallops, Himalayan Salt & Indian Pepper Calimari and Salmon recipes!

If you love sweet and salty desserts, Himalayan Salt is the perfect way to add salt flavor to your desserts! It’s subtle salt flavor is just the right touch and, because it can be crafted into dishes, the salt flavor can be added simply by serving the dessert in a Himalayan Salt Dish, so don’t forget to pull out your Himalayan Salt Bowls for that Homemade Ice Cream! Also try our Pineapple Salt Crunch recipe for your end of the summer bash-your guests will love it!

Himalayan Salt offers a unique drink option! Treat your guests to the best tasting shot of Tequila they have ever had by serving your favorite Tequila in Salt Tequila Glasses. You may also want to check out our Ocean Blue Himalayan Salt Margarita Recipe! You can also rim your glasses with your Pink Himalayan Sea Salt where any recipe calls for Sea Salt! The pink coloring is a wonderful extra touch and the subtle flavor is perfect with fruit drinks!

If you want to add an exotic new gourmet flavor to your Labor Day dishes, be sure

be sure to checkout our Himalayan Salt Recipes, and visit our store to buy 100% Pure, Orgaic Himalayan Sea Salts!

Himalayan Sea Salt Labor Day Feast Tips