Himalayan Sea Salt – A Natural Remedy for Common Ailments

Himalayan Sea Salt – A Natural Remedy for Common Ailments

Since Himalayan Salt emerged on the global market some years back, it has rapidly proven to provide many natural alternatives to pharmaceutical medications, some of which are scientifically proven.  You may have heard that Himalayan Salt is being used to treat symptoms of Asthma, Allergies, and various skin conditions, and also for detoxification, but you may not know what makes Himalayan Salt such a beneficial component in a daily health regimen.

Like any salt, Himalayan Salt, or “Pink Salt”, is a naturally anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial element, which also prevents fungal growth. However, since Himalayan Salt is sold in its’ natural, unprocessed state, and does not undergo commercial processing and heating, it retains the already higher than usual level of essential minerals. This also allows the salt to retain oils, which allow the salt to heal and soothe without drying the skin, even sesative tissue like that found in the sinuses, throat, eyes, and…elsewhere.

Here we will discuss the common ailments that Himalayan Salt is known to help with, and the salt therapy products that can be used to treat them.

Himalayan Sea Salt - A Natural Remedy for Common Ailments


These authentic salt crystal lamps are reputed to be a wonderful natural alternative to traditional air ionizers, offering a warm, soothing ambiance in addition to negative ion production. Yes, Himalayan Salt Lamps produce negative ions! Made of beautiful, peachy colored chunks of the ancient sea salt called “Himalayan Salt”, these organic crystal lamps are reputed to effectively ease Asthma and Allergy symptoms, as well as other respiratory ailments.

As negative ions are scientifically proven to help remove irritating, and often harmful, particles from the air, and more an more people are beginning to embrace natural alternatives to traditional, pharmaceutical options for such treatments, Himalayan Salt Lamps are a perfect solution for helping to create a healthier indoor atmosphere, with an uplifting, soft light that benefits emotional well being by reducing irritability & depression, especially during the cold, darker winter months.

While Commercial Air Purifiers may emit more negative ions than a single salt lamp, they can also be problematic.

➤ To start with, the standard ionic air purifier may be too noisy for a child to sleep with while turned on, so it ends up being turned off for the night, when the child would be exposed to the cleansed air for the longest portion of the day, and thereby benefit from it the most.

➤ Salt Lamps don’t just emit negative ions and a earthy glow, they also emit micro-particles of salt into the air. Although the lamps don’t emit salt particles as much as a salt cave, salt wall, or salt room, the salt particles provide some level of therapy similar to salt cave therapy.

Meanwhile, the natural health benefits of unprocessed Himalayan Pink Sea Salts are being put to good use in the kitchens and baths of the world as a healthier alternative to processed table salt & a natural, healthy, rejuvenating alternative to commercially produced bath salts & bath therapy products!

Due to the long history of the use of salt in centuries old folk remedies to stimulate circulation, lower blood pressure and remove toxins and heavy metals from the body, health professionals, spas, and chefs around the world use the various forms of unprocessed Himalayan Sea Salt for its healing effects on the body and relaxing effects on the mind.

Unprocessed Himalayan Pink Salt Cooking techniques have been featured on The Food Network’s Iron Chef America, while resorts such as The Casa Laguna Inn & Spa and The Blue Ocean Resort offer Himalayan bath salts for sale or complimentary 15 minute Himalayan Salt Sole Baths with their select Spa Packages!

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Whether you are looking for a natural remedy for Allergies and Asthma, a healthier alternative to table salt or a natural, tranquility bath salt to add a more soothing effect to your next bath, Himalayan Salt may be the solution for you!

Enjoy the benefits of the various forms of Himalayan Salt yourself, or give them as a gift!

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Himalayan Sea Salt – A Natural Remedy for Common Ailments