List of Himalayan Salt Therapy Caves in the US

List of Himalayan Salt Therapy Caves in the US

Regardless of whether you use Himalayan Salt products in your home, we believe you should never pass up a Himalayan Salt Cave or Spa experience, so we have created a comprehensive List of Himalayan Salt Therapy Caves in the US.

These establishments generally feature an artificial “Salt Cave”, or a room which is entirely lined with salt from floor to ceiling, where patrons may relax in the ambiance of glowing Himalayan Salt while breathing in tranquil, naturally cleansed air, abundant with micro salt particles. (Scientifically known as Halotherapy.)

List of Himalayan Salt Therapy Caves in the US

Many of these Salt Caves have additional Salt Therapy Treatments available, such as Himalayan Salt Stone Massages, as well as other services that promote well-being, such as traditional massage therapy, aromatherapy, acupuncture, and other similar treatments.

These unique facilities are a sensational way to treat your body, mind, and soul to a genuinely relaxing, naturally healing experience you will never forget.

We highly recommend it, and believe that this is also the best way to try out the wonderful effects of the salt if you are thinking of adding Salt Lamps or a Himalayan Salt Wall to your home. We have compiled a List of Himalayan Salt Therapy Caves in the US, including links to the facility’s website to help find a location nearest you.

Himalayan Salt Therapy Caves in the US

Mandarin Oriental – NY, NY (Includes a full-body massage using heated Himalayan salt crystals in their Ultimate 24 Hour Detox Spa Package)
Salt Mine Arium – Bellevue, WA
The Salt Cave – Naples, Fl
Asheville’s Salt Cave & Salt Spa – Asheville, NC
The Salt Cave MPLS – Minneapolis, MS
Timeless Spa & Salt Cave – Naperville, IL (The 2nd Himalayan Cave built in the US, and one of the most unique.)
Tranquility Salon & Wellness Center – Carlisle, PA
The Salt Cave of Southlake, TX
Peace, Love & Zen – Pittsburgh, PA
Louisville Salt Cave – Louisville, KY
Primal Oceans Salt Cave – La Grange, IL
Salt Spa Colorado – Lakewood, CO
RockSalt Spa – Denver, CO
Zama Massage – Portland, OR
The Salt Grotto – Valrico, Fl (Children’s Himalayan Salt Room Available)
Rising Sun Holistic Choices – Canton, OH
Glacier Salt Cave & Spa – Juneau, AK
Salt Chalet Arizona – Scottsdale, AZ
Saltana Cave – RIDGEFIELD, CT

“Once you try Salt Therapy for yourself, and fall in love with breathing easier and feeling better, perhaps you will visit us again to add Himalayan Salt to your everyday life, right in your own home!”

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List of Himalayan Salt Therapy Caves in the US